A series break occurs when a change in the methodology used to measure and report audience data produces a significant change to the audience data itself. This is typically as a result of improvements in measurement techniques that allow more accurate and comprehensive collection and computation of the data.

Audience reports up to September 2018 use Nielsen Digital Panel (NDP) audience figures. From October 2018, TRW began the integration of Nielsen’s improved, IAB accredited Digital Content Ratings (DCR) data which permits the capture of digital audiences previously unreported (off-platform, secure pages, video and mobile under 18 years old).

As the digital methodology has changed, there will be a trend break in the data, rendering year-on-year comparisons of both digital audiences and total audiences for news media and magazines invalid. The trend break will last until October 2019. Month-on-month comparisons may be made from the November 2018 database onwards. Print remains unaffected.

Data Release Dates Data Release Dates
Apr 19 – Mar 20  1 June, 2020
Jul 19 – Jun 20  31 August, 2020
Oct 19 – Sep 20  30 November, 2020
Jan 20 – Dec 20  8 March, 2021
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